Safety Consultant Services

At Armour Safety & Compliance LLC, Our primary goal is to effectively incorporate safety into your business, which can be achieved by systematic compliance with current HSE regulations. Our consulting services cover OSHA, ANSI, DOT, and EPA regulations.

We are aware that every business is structured differently, so we work to offer personalized plans and programs for HSE management across multiple industries. Our consultants take on a role much like an HSE manager, and will work with your company through the creation, utilization, and management of your personalized safety programs. We will create customized policies and procedure and incorporate programs for employee processing.

Services Include:

  • Written Programs/Safety Manuals
  • BBS Development
  • Safety Audits/Inspections
  • Internal Visitations
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Incident Investigation
  • Training Matrix

Regarding Written Programs

CA OSHA requires companies with 10 or more employees to have formal written programs in order to communicate processes for illness and injury prevention in the workplace. Since so many OSHA regulations require written programs, Armour Safety & Compliance LLC can supply your company with easy to read, well written programs to ensure compliance, allowing you to more effectively communicate to your employees.

Site Safety


Our goal at Armour Safety & Compliance LLC is create the best solution for your business needs. Our consultants can ensure compliance with state and federal laws, and are available for on-site safety management. They act as safety supervisors, supplying daily support to ensure HSE compliance and adherence to all state and federal regulations. Each consultant carries unique experience and expertise to the job site, and will work to create and implement the most effective safety programs for your company’s needs.


  • Incident Investigation
  • Safety Audits/Inspections
  • Behavioral observations
  • Directing safety meetings
  • Monitoring SSE programs
  • Tracking Safety Data
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Fall protection
  • PPE

Safety Training

Forklift Training

Aerial lift devices are used to elevate employees to job-sites above ground level. OSHA covers the use of aerial lifts in CFR 1926.453 and 1926.454. OSHA classifies scissor lifts as mobile scaffolds and covers them under CFR 1926.451, 1926.452(w) and 1926.454. The use of fall protection is required when using both lift devices. OSHA requires training for aerial lifts and scissor lifts according to CFR 1926.454.

Available Courses:

  • Forklift
  • Man Lift
  • Backhoe
  • Excavator
  • Tractor
  • Bucket Truck

Aerial Lift Training

In today’s industry, equipment is needed to complete jobs efficiently. OSHA requires all companies to allow only authorized employees to operate equipment. Armour Safety & Compliance LLC Safety Consultants are knowledgeable on all current regulatory requirements, and can provide specialized training for all types of equipment. This training typically includes the following; a presentation, video, quiz, hands-on training, and a competence evaluation for each employee in our class. Our goal is to assure each trainee is fully competent in their knowledge and demonstration before they leave. When our training courses are completed each employee will receive a card of certification.

Training should include:

  • The nature of any lift hazards, electrical hazards, fall hazards and falling object hazards in the work area.
  • The correct procedures for dealing with electrical hazards and for erecting, maintaining and disassembling the fall protection systems and falling object protection systems being used.
  • The correct procedures for moving, operating, repairing, inspecting and maintaining the type of lift in use.
  • Proper use and handling of materials on the lift.
  • The maximum intended load and the load-carrying capacity of the lift used.