What Can a Contractor Safety Consultant Do for My Company?

Posted on: August 16, 2018

“What does a contractor safety consultant do, and how can they help my business?” This is a question we hear on a regular basis from companies who know they need to improve workplace safety but are not sure of how to get started or whom to involve in the process.

What is a contractor safety consultant?

This is a professional who has extensive experience in all issues pertaining to workplace safety, OSHA guidelines and how to implement them and how to create workplace safety programs and monitoring systems.

What can they do for my business?

A safety consultant can design systems, complete audits, implement safety programs, etc. Below are just a few of the things we do for our clients.

Safety audits

Before making changes, it is important to determine what a business currently has in place and how well it is working. It is also necessary to identify any safety hazards, whether temporary or ongoing. It takes time to complete this audit because every aspect of the work environment needs to be reviewed. Some companies make the mistake of only having an audit completed on worksites, while forgetting the office environment. This is unwise because many modern workers' compensation claims are derived from office-related injuries. Once the audit is complete, a report with recommendations will be created.

OSHA compliance reviews

Sometimes, businesses contract us to do a review of their practices to make sure they are in compliance with the latest OSHA standards. This gives businesses the confidence that they are doing the right thing and will not get fined if a safety inspector happens to stop by. Some of the businesses who hire us to do this after being fined in the past, looking to avoid that same mistake.

Creation of a safety plan

Every business should have a safety plan, manual, training guidelines and everything in place necessary to ensure that all workers are safe and stay that way. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the bandwidth internally to create and update this on a regular basis. There is simply too much else to do. To close the gap, they hire us to create and update the plan as needed.

Safety training

Companies who do not have an internal training department or have a very small HR team will also contract us to conduct ongoing safety trainings. This can be on a monthly, quarterly, annually or as-needed basis.

There are benefits to hiring a contractor safety consultant

We work with companies to solve their challenges, and then leave once done. That means we do not become a permanent line item or payroll expense. This is ideal for firms who know they need to address safety but do not wish to add to their permanent staff. Plus, since this is all we do, we are experts in the field, incredibly proficient and able to bring best practices to the table when creating and implanting safety plans.

Are your employees being safe?

If you are unsure, now is the right time to hire a safety consultant.

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