We Can Review Safety Training Manuals and Update Them

Posted on: April 16, 2018

When was the last time you reviewed your safety training manuals, policies, and procedures? As a safety consultant, we typically find that businesses will at one point create these policies and procedures and then continue to use them without review or update for years and sometimes decades.

Given how quickly business can change, this can be quite problematic. If a safety manual or policy has not been reviewed in recent years it is likely that it could contain gaps in regards to the rules that employees should be following, equipment being utilized by the company and updated OSHA standards. We recommend giving us a call to schedule a review to ensure that this does not happen.

What should be included in a thorough review

When a thorough review of safety policies and procedures is conducted, it should be quite comprehensive and inclusive of all areas that could influence how safe workers are on a daily basis. When completing a review, we recommend looking at the following:

1. All pieces of equipment being utilized by the company

There is a good chance that new equipment has been purchased since the time the policy was first created. We need to inventory this equipment to ensure that the appropriate training is taking place and that there are protocols in existence to ensure that any untrained employee is not using or operating equipment without first completing their safety certification.

2. Record-keeping

Ensuring that employees are properly trained on how to use equipment is important. So is accurate record keeping. Otherwise, it is possible for managers to be unaware of who has received the training and who has not. We will review how a company is currently keeping track of safety certifications and identify ways to streamline the process and ensure that records are kept current.

3. Safety manuals

We will review a company's safety manuals, policies, and procedures to ensure that they actively reflect current OSHA standards along with the actual needs of the company. If this has not been updated for some time there is a high probability of the manual being out-dated on current regulations. This can pose a serious challenge because OSHA will issue fines regardless if employees and the company are unaware of the regulations. Likewise, these regulations are passed because they are important for worker safety and to be unaware of them or not following them could place workers at a greater risk of harm.

4. Jobsite inspections

Part of the process is also to complete job site inspections to ensure that they are safe and all safety regulations are being followed. Simultaneously, we will compare what is happening at job sites with what is listed in the safety manual. There is a good chance that not everything is being covered which can lead to unnecessary safety problems. Once we are aware of what happens at job worksites, we can issue recommendations for how business is conducted on a daily basis. In other words, our safety training recommendations can be based on how actual business is done, not based on theory.

We will make safety training recommendations

In addition to conducting this assessment and updating the manual, we can make safety training recommendations to determine ways that we can increase the safety of a company's workforce. This important step should be completed on an annual or biannual basis.

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