We Can Conduct a Site Safety Audit at Your Business

Posted on: May 1, 2015


If you are concerned about site safety – you should be.  Keeping your employees safe on the job, takes consistent effort, hard work, and attention to detail.  The challenge that many businesses have is staying too busy. While this is good for profits, it often leaves things overlooked or keeps the status quo in place, even when it is dangerous.  This is often made worse by the fact that it is difficult to see what is in front of you.  That means that if you are surrounded by the same working conditions every day, it will become difficult to identify anything that may be unsafe about them, simply because you are part of the environment.  

Having a professional, third-party audit your workplace can be extremely beneficial.  This often happens after an accident as part of an investigation or mandatory safety changes.  The only difference is that you can schedule an audit now, on your own accord, and use that information to make the changes that can prevent an accident from occurring in the first place.  You can try to have someone from your organization conduct an audit but it will not be as thorough as what we can conduct as an independent third party  This is because we are experts and know what to look for.  Additionally, since we have no prior exposure to your work environment, there will be no existing biases.
During your site safety audit, we can evaluate everything from the condition of the equipment your team is using to the maintenance logs for when they were last inspected.  We will review your workplace to see if there are any clear hazards that could lead to an accident, for example, chords strung across the floor or areas of flooding during the rainy months.  These hazards can be both large and small while often going completely unnoticed.  Anything that we identify as being unsafe will be put into a report for you to view and address.

Another area that we can audit is your current safety training program.  We have found that many businesses think they are doing a thorough job of training their employees but are actually leaving key pieces of information out of the training sessions.  This can lead to mistakes and accidents.  By identifying any holes in your training programs, we can make suggestions as to how you can correct it so that your employees can work in a safer environment.  

We will also examine things like the clothing your employees are wearing and the protective gear that the use to ensure that it is in compliance and up to date.  This is such a simple issue that many employers overlook it.  However, if your employees are not wearing the correct footwear, for example, it can lead to an accident or injury, something that should be avoided.  We will explore all avenues of safety when completing our site safety audit so that the report we give you is both thorough and actionable. 

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