Tips for Ensuring Site Safety Around Heavy Equipment

Posted on: June 16, 2019

Thinking you could benefit from learning a few site safety tips? If you are someone who is in charge of your employees' safety when they are working around heavy equipment, then you understand the importance of providing your employees with a safe site. You surely already went over all of the guidelines and rules for safety with your employees, as this is necessary information. However, there are a few tips you can learn that can make your site even safer for those working around heavy equipment.

The importance of site safety

Finding out everything you can about site safety allows you to keep your employees safe. Over time, many employees will start to become more comfortable working around heavy equipment. That may lead to their experiencing some type of harm because they are not paying as much attention as they used to.

When it comes to new employees, they may think working around heavy equipment is easy. If they do,  then they may be lazy when it comes to following all safety guidelines. This is why it is your job to continually monitor as well as update your employees on safety guidelines.

Tips for ensuring site safety around heavy equipment

The following is a list of beneficial tips that help to ensure site safety for those working around heavy equipment.

Place a large emphasis on how to properly get on and get off machines

One of the most common ways an employee will injure themselves when working around heavy equipment is when getting on and getting off the equipment. This seemingly simple procedure is something many employees will not think twice about, making this a great tip to share with employees.

Create a people-free area

Many people will stop and watch someone who is controlling a piece of heavy equipment, as it is quite the job to control such a large piece of machinery. When this happens, it is the employee’s job to let onlookers know when they are too close and therefore could possibly be injured if something were to go wrong.

Triple check blind spots

When operating heavy equipment, there are many blind spots that need to be continually checked in order not to cause any damage. These blind spots should not only be checked once or twice, but they should also be checked at least three times to ensure that there is no risk of an accident. If it is necessary to get out of the equipment in order to check any blind spots that cannot be seen from the operator's position, then this extra minute is well worth the time to visually inspect the area.

Need the services of a safety consultant?

Feel you could benefit from learning more about site safety practices? While safety is a top concern in every job, it is especially important in a job where people work with heavy equipment. The last thing you want to happen is for one of your employees to get hurt while under supervision. This means you always need to be providing them with all of the safety instructions they need to stay safe, which includes reminding them often so they do not forget.

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