Things to Include in Your Safety Compliance Programs

Posted on: March 31, 2015

Compliance Programs

When developing compliance programs, it is important to be thorough.  Whether you are updating your current plan, have been written up by OSHA, or are starting a new business, we can help by creating a safety plan that encompasses all of the risk factors pertinent to your business.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration was formed to protect workers.  As such, they have created set guidelines for what businesses should and should not do in order to keep everyone safe.  They will often come out and inspect work sites in order to ensure that safety protocols are being followed and if they are not, you could get written up and be required to pay a fine.  In some cases, they will even shut operations down if they feel that there is an immediate and imminent threat to worker safety.

Our recommendation is that you give us a call to ensure that your safety compliance programs are sufficient before you ever get a call from OSHA.  We can help you to save money and reduce potential expense by having comprehensive programs in place from the very beginning.  Some of the categories that OSHA recommends including are:

  • Fall protection. This is a big deal since falls can result in such severe accidents that a person might die.  Taking the time to prevent a fall is more than worth it, given the value of even one life.
  • Tuberculosis.  OSHA suggests incorporating training on this illness into your compliance manual in order to reduce the risk of the disease spreading.
  • Respiratory protection.  Depending on your work environment, respiratory protection can become quite essential.  You never want your employees breathing in chemicals, for example, as this can lead to long-term asthma which is incredibly expensive to treat.

Remember that if you are written up due to a lack of completeness in your safety plan, you can recover by improving your safety compliance programs. Given a little work, you can transform your approach and process. However, if you continue operating in a way that puts your employees at risk of getting hurt, it could have disastrous consequences that cannot be undone like an employee dying or becoming permanently ill.  This is the worst nightmare for any employer, and the ramifications would far outweigh the time and money spent to prevent an accident from happening in the first place.

Additionally, if you are making improvements to the plan because you want to use a new piece of equipment and have everyone trained on it, or you are changing the rules slightly, we recommend revisiting your entire safety plan to ensure that all of the safety steps you need to be listed are in there.  Our safety compliance programs are based on the current state and federal laws. This is important to note because it is common for legislators to pass a new law that makes subtle changes to workers safety giddiness. In many cases, this is a good thing but it does leave your business at risk of you don’t stay up to date.  Fortunately by hiring us to handle your compliance programs, we can make sure that you are protected.

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