There Are Many Ways to Work with a Commercial Safety Consultant

Posted on: July 16, 2018

A commercial safety consultant can provide training assistance, support, advice and guidance long-distance. Though most of our clients prefer for us to visit their location and present in-person assessment and assistance, we can also provide instruction and suggestions remotely if requested. This option can be highly beneficial for companies that have a trained department but feel like there may be gaps in their training and want some advice.

We can work closely with the human resource team

Very often, we are contacted by the human resource department that knows that they need to provide additional training support to new hires and existing employees but is unsure of how to do so. We can evaluate a business's operations and current training programs before making suggestions about the best way to proceed.

The human resource and training department can begin conducting these pieces of training themselves. We will continue to be here to assist by answering questions and providing additional guidance. This can quickly be done over the phone or by email to ensure that the internal staff always have a resource they can turn to in a pinch.

Some companies prefer for managers to go directly to the source

As a commercial safety consultant, we can also work with companies that want their management to be able to have a resource available to answer safety questions. This option is a wise idea to implement because the administration that is directly supervising the crew is going to be on site and directly interacting with employees and equipment throughout the day. They could be one of the first ones to notice a safety concern or to have questions about a potential hazard. The ability to contact a consultant immediately, such as ourselves, is incredibly valuable and can help to empower them to make safe be a priority.

We have found that when managers are empowered to make safety decisions several things happen:

  • There are fewer accidents.
  • Employees stay safe.
  • Risks are mitigated or avoided.
  • Productivity increases.
  • The company saves money.

Unfortunately, most companies do not have an internal person who is solely dedicated to safety training and understanding the regulations. This scenario can make it confusing for supervisors and managers to know whom to turn to if they have a safety question. When companies hire us to be that go-to source, it creates a clear understanding of the mind of all employees and gives them an ability to address safety issues immediately.

We work with companies in whatever way is convenient

Hiring a commercial safety consultant should be, and our objective is to ensure that it always is. Our goal is to provide the support that our clients need so that they can focus on their business operations while we ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely.

Whether this means conducting an audit, providing in-person training or being a resource for management employees, we are happy to help. Most of our clients hire us to visit their job sites and provide in-person assistance. However, we are also delighted to be a remote resource as well. For more information on how we can be of assistance, contact us today.

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