Steps Taken by a Business Safety Consultant

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Hiring a business safety consultant can ensure that operations can continue without delay. No business wants to see a shutdown or a loss of productivity caused by an accident. However, since many businesses fail to plan ahead to create and ensure a safe work environment, accidents and delays happen. Our job is to ensure that the company, management and all employees follow safety protocols to reduce the likelihood that safety issues occur.

Be proactive

Many people contact us after an accident has already taken place. This is fine and we are happy to help but this is not the most productive approach. We recommend being proactive and to take the time to ensure that the existing safety protocols are sufficient to prevent accidents.

Revise as needed

Your policy should not remain stagnant but should be revised when appropriate. As new pieces of equipment are purchased, new locations opened or new job sites taken on, it can be necessary to revise current policies and adjust to the current work conditions. Failing to do so is something that can lead to accidents.


As a business safety consultant, we regularly see businesses fall down on the job of implementation. Even if management has taken the time to create safety manuals and to ensure that they cover all of OSHA regulations, implementation is a different story. When management is worried about productivity, taking the time to check for safety is sometimes far removed from their daily mindset. Have a third party come in to ensure that implementation is taking place as it should.

Monitor the situation

Businesses need to continue monitoring their workers to ensure that everyone is following proper safety protocols. There should be a system in place that encourages employees to register a complaint if safety violations are occurring. The system needs to include how those complaints will be responded to in an expedited fashion. Since employees are the first to spot problems, they can be an excellent resource for management that is truly concerned about improving safety across the organization.

How a business safety consultant can help

It can be incredibly difficult to determine if a business is as safe as it should be, update policies, conduct training, implement safety standards and monitor safety practices. Typically, management is busy with other things. As a safety consultant, we can handle all of this for you. This ensures that there is going to be adherence to safety standards and that nothing will be missed. Plus, as a third party, we can handle this aspect of the business without taking away from other objectives like productivity or employee management.

You do not have to do it on your own

We like to remind clients that it is not necessary to handle everything in-house. We are the experts. We are here to provide assistance and are happy to do so. Simply call us today to discuss any concerns or challenges you are facing. We can set up a meeting to go over these in further detail and then create a proposal to demonstrate how as a business safety consultant, we can improve the safety of your workplace and your workers.