Protect Employees and Minimize Risk by Hiring a Safety Training Consultant

Posted on: February 16, 2018

Hiring a safety training consultant is one of the best things an organization can do to protect employees and minimize risks. Ultimately, it is the employer's job to do what is necessary to keep their employees and customers safe. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it seems.

Regardless of whether the company runs a factory, construction site or office, there are hazards that can cause a workplace injury. Being able to identify and mitigate the hazards is a necessary step for reducing workplace accidents. Additionally, it is necessary to train employees on how to avoid hazards while conducting work safely.

Unless a company has a full-time training division, it may be difficult for managers to find the time to train employees. This is where we come in. As a consultant, we can fill the talent gap and ensure that the company has the resources to remain safe.

Why hire a consultant?

We have the focus and the time necessary to complete workplace training in an effective and efficient manner. When managers face the task of handling training, the outcomes can sometimes be less than optimal. Managers with a lot on their plate will not have the time necessary to provide proper training to employees.

Through no fault of their own, busy managers may not provide the detail necessary to ensure the training is effective. Since this is what we do, our focus is 100 percent on the client we are working with. We also ensure that the workplace becomes and remains safe.

We can help ensure everyone follows safety protocol

Additionally, since we do this on a daily basis, we can easily identify hazards that cause problems and implement practices that we know will be effective. Since we work with such a wide variety of clients, we can use some of the best practices that have been implemented in the past and implement them in your organization as well.

Another reason to hire a safety training consultant is that we can create the training materials and program that can be used in the future. Some companies prefer to have us come in, evaluate their needs and create a program that will be effective year after year. We are happy to do so and can hand the materials over to an internal training person or designated training manager.

We understand OSHA regulations

Meeting OSHA standards for safety is critical for keeping employees safe and also for avoiding fines. Because safety is what we do, we constantly stay up-to-date on new and changing OSHA regulations to ensure that our customers are in compliance. Something as seemingly insignificant as the height of the ladder can lead to a safety violation.

Since most business owners and managers are unaware of the nuances of regulations, it can be easy to make a mistake and be penalized for it. We help our clients to avoid these unnecessary penalties and fines by conducting inspections and ensuring that all safety requirements are met. If they are not, we can make immediate suggestions for how to rectify them to prevent future injuries or penalties.

Call for help

When companies hire us to be their safety training consultant, we do not offer a single box solution. Instead, we work with clients to determine what exactly their needs are and create solutions accordingly. For help keeping your workplace safe, call us today.