Is Your Safety Training Working or Putting Everyone to Sleep?

Posted on: September 10, 2014

Safety TrainingAs a company that conducts safety training we often find that existing training programs simply don’t work. Think about the last time you participated in your company’s training program and ask yourself if you were bored to death or engaged. If you were doing a constant head bob and trying to keep your eyes open, the training needs to change. It’s just that simple.Keeping your employees safe is important. In fact, it’s critical. In many cases their life and their health depends on the ability to stay safe while on the job and as a manager, human resource professional, or business owner, it is your job to keep them that way.Safety training plays an important role in preventing workplace accidents, and if it isn’t done correctly, your employees and your business can suffer as a result. Think of how much money it will cost you in insurance premiums and in the loss of labor if you have to keep hiring new people to replace ones that have become injured. It is more economical to keep your employees safe to begin with and create a workplace environment that they want to stay in.We didn’t start out creating manuals and thinking about safety from a theoretical point of view. Our team started on the job site, and we developed the skills necessary to understand how to implement safety protocols from the ground up. While we are all trained safety professionals, we have been in your shoes too which makes us qualified to create a training program that is effective.Our goal is to convey information in a way that engages people so that they will remember it while doing their job. If you tell people how to stay safe by giving them a booklet to read and putting them to sleep during training, the chance of them remembering and implementing the safety protocols is extremely slim. The information needs to be shared in a way that is memorable. This can be done by engaging employees and inviting them to participate in the class overall. By asking them to share, engage, and inform others they will start to implement these procedures on a daily basis.Another important thing to remember is that you have to follow up after the fact. We can develop an amazing safety training program for you the present it in a way that gets your employees to engage. Once we leave, it is up to you to follow up on that training to make sure they are implementing what they learned on a daily basis. We can help with this periodically but it is up to you to make sure that protocols are followed. One suggestion is to create an accountability system where employees are incentivized to stay safe. For example, you could offer everyone an extra paid day off if there are no accidents for six months. This may cost you two paid days off, per employee, per year but think of how much you will save in insurance costs.Staying safe starts with an awesome safety training program and ends with personal accountability.

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