Important Safety Training Programs

Posted on: December 16, 2018

Safety training is not just for construction workers and electrical linemen. All workplaces need a health and safety training program. Different environments have different safety risks. Because of this, safety training must be tailor-made for each organization's needs.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces safety standards on employers in the public and private sectors. This is mostly done through inspections and outreach. Health and safety regulations require employers to maintain safety standards by training their workers and maintaining a safe work environment.

Safety training and costs savings

Safety is more than just complying with government regulations. It goes a long way towards preventing and mitigating workplace accidents. Well-trained employees are equipped to spot and report safety hazards. They are also taught how to respond to an event, like in the case of employees that are trained in first aid.

By preventing accidents and other safety incidents from happening, an employer ends up saving money in the long-term.

Qualities of a good safety training program

  • An employer should stay away from a cookie-cutter approach to safety training. Workplaces have different safety requirements depending on their size, location and the nature of their work. The health and safety training required in a large city hospital may be different from that needed at a small-town practice
  • An effective safety program should be incorporated into the workplace culture. Safety training should be a part of a new employee’s orientation. Random safety drills should also be something that workers expect
  • The employer will know that their safety program works when employees practice safety measures without even thinking about it

Popular safety training programs

Some programs apply to all workplaces while others are specific to certain sectors. For example, all employees need training in fire safety. But, only employees that work in the health sector need training in the handling of biohazards.

Here are five of the most important training programs:

1. Fire safety training course

In this course, employees learn about fire prevention and detection. They also learn how to respond to a fire by putting out small fires or by immediately leaving the building via designated exits. Fire safety training teaches employees to identify and report fire hazards.

With fire training, the employer actually reduces the chances of a fire. The employer also ensures the safety of their employees, who will know what to do in case a fire breaks out.

2. First aid training

First aid training varies from workplace to workplace. This is because different settings have their own unique risks and hazards. Take a power plant and a mine; the first aid training for the two sets of employees will be different.

First aid training can help workers to deal with injuries before they cause disability or death.

3. Working at heights

This training is for employees who work on high installations, like cell phone towers and buildings that are under construction. The employees are taught safety measures that ensure safety at heights and safety for the workers on the ground.

4. Emergency preparedness and response

This course is important for employees in all sectors, from offices to hospitals to schools. The training shows workers what to do in case of a natural disaster, a fire or an attack. This kind of training saves lives and, sometimes, property.

5. Hazardous materials/waste

This training varies depending on the type of materials handled by employees. The training teaches workers how to safely handle and store hazardous materials while protecting themselves.

Take care of your employees and business

Safety training helps to keep your employees in good health. Training is also an important way to reduce the risk of workplace accidents that could have all sorts of repercussions.

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