Hiring a Safety Consultant Could Save You Time and Money

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Learning more about what a safety consultant does will allow you to determine how they can help your company. Not only are we professionals in the field of safety, but we can help in many other ways as well.

A safety consultant is knowledgeable about safety issues

Not only are we knowledgeable about everything safety related, but we can offer more insight on how to become more safety aware. In other words, we can teach employees how to actively stay safe.

Additionally, we have insight into the federal, state and local safety codes. These safety guidelines coincide with the environmental guidelines for the area. This knowledge is critical for ensuring that a company remains in compliance and does not suffer an unnecessary violation that could lead to a hefty fine or the need to stop work on a job site.

Evaluating the workplace

As a safety consultant, we can come into the workplace and conduct an audit. We evaluate not only the space being worked in but also the workers and managers working in the space. We are there to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety plans in place and help come up with better plans, if needed, while also providing constructive feedback. These evaluations are written up, printed out and provided to those within the company, as well as the board, if they request a copy.

Why should I hire a safety consultant?

It is important to have a safety specialist to come out to the commercial space and do an audit of the area. Many local and government offices require these audits be performed and that reports are written up so they can see how safe a worksite is. Then, with a finished report, the company may have to undergo different training, as well as other safety measures to ensure that they are following the specific safety guidelines currently in place. As a specialist, we can facilitate the implementation of these things, as well as complete the initial report.

Without having a safety check or inspection done through a professional consultant, a company may not be up to standards. This can lead to:

  • Employee injuries
  • Workplace deaths
  • Customer injuries
  • High fines
  • A worksite being shut down
  • Delays in productivity
  • Workers' compensation expense
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Lawsuits

It is far better to simply hire a consultant, have a report completed and then follow the suggestions on how to improve safety and stay within compliance.

Call us for help

As a safety consultant, we offer all the help you will need to stay safe. To learn more about our services and explore what we can do for your particular company, give us a call. During our initial conversations, we can go over our services in depth and begin discussing what solutions you will need. This may include an audit, report, safety checks, manual creation or updating, safety training, etc. Our capabilities extend to all these areas and more.

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