Hire an OSHA Compliance Safety Consultant to Prepare for Growth

Posted on: March 16, 2018

The economy is growing, business is booming and the need for an OSHA compliance safety consultant is more important than ever. If businesses take advantage of these growth opportunities but do not put the appropriate processes in place for safety, it is more likely that workers will sustain an injury. In those cases, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, will deliver a fine to the organization for a failure to remain in compliance.

This fine can be costly, detrimental to morale and slow business growth. It is far better to hire a safety consultant and minimize the risk of this happening.

Hire a consultant early

We recommend hiring an OSHA compliance safety consultant from the very beginning. Do this before the business starts growing so that all of the systems are put in place and can be followed by new team members and promoted managers. It is far easier to implement safety protocols from the beginning than to re-train people after bad habits have begun.

A consultant can put the training manuals together

Another benefit of hiring a consultant is having someone come in to create all of the training manuals and compliance documents employees need. The consultant can help ensure that these documents go to everyone in the office.

This way, when new members join the team, they can review the manuals, sign that they understand and the company can remain in compliance. Once these manuals have been paid for, they will only need to be updated when new rules are passed.

A consultant can complete a safety audit

It is difficult to evaluate one's own business for safety. Someone who is in the same working conditions, uses the same equipment and applies the same methods on a daily basis, is acclimated to them. Thus, it is difficult to determine if the company is behaving in a safe manner. A consultant can complete a safety audit with fresh eyes in order to determine what things need to improve within the organization.

A consultant can help a company to avoid OSHA fines

Ultimately, it is critical for a company to be in compliance with all OSHA safety standards and rules. These rules can change on a regular basis, so it is necessary to work with a consultant who is incredibly familiar with the latest changes and how to meet standards. These changes can be very basic and simple things that professionals miss, costing the company more fines.

For example, if the ladder height is even 6 inches lower than it should be, they could be fined thousands of dollars. Knowing how many standards there are, it is important to have someone who can check for compliance on a regular basis.

Bring in a consultant after a workplace accident

Hopefully, no accidents have taken place. However, if they have, it is important to bring a consultant in right away to determine what led to the accident and how to avoid it in the future. This is important regardless of why it took place but if the company is out of compliance with OSHA standards, it is critical to identify that and to fix it immediately. Otherwise, companies could be caught flat-footed during an OSHA inspection.

Give us a call for help

As experienced OSHA compliance safety consultants, we know what we are doing. Our experience is extensive and it can be put to use helping your company to get in compliance and remain in compliance. To learn more about our processes and how we can be of assistance, call our office today.