Creating an OSHA Recommended Contractor Safety Plan

Posted on: August 25, 2015

safety-trainingCreating an OSHA recommended contractor safety plan is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Keeping your workers and your workplace safe and running smoothly should be a top priority. Continue reading to learn more about what is involved in and expected from a contractor safety plan.An OSHA contractor safety plan will require you to follow the construction standards that call for construction employers to have the appropriate comprehensive prevention programs. These provide for the frequent, thorough, and regular inspection of job sites, machines, materials, and other important equipment. These inspections should be performed by trained professionals who are chosen specifically by the employer. OSHA’s policies recognize the extended efforts of competent and responsible contractors who have undergone contractor safety plans and then implemented the proper safety and health programs for their workers and job sites.If you are interested in developing an all-inclusive contractor safety plan for your workplace, you will need to follow a simple program protocol that involves a few steps to access resources:Online: OSHA offers tools online for easy access.The OSHA Construction eTool: Safety and Health Program ComponentThis tool offers information about several OSHA standards specified for the construction industry. It addresses safety and health program components and provides a list of topics related to structuring an injury and illness prevention program and maintaining it daily. There is also additional information relevant to each of topics available.OSHA eTool: Safety and Health Management SystemsAlso online, this tool provides additional information and resources to use when developing your contractor safety and safety and health programs. The safety and health programs are directed at every tier of the organization. It is important to learn how to create a safety culture that values workers’ health and reduces the chances of accidents. It is also used to improve the bottom line for qualified managers. Safety and health should be second nature to your workers.On-Site Consultation: OSHA On-Site Consultation ProgramThe On-Site Consultation Program offered by OSHA provides confidential advice on safety and occupation health, free of charge. This tool can be used by small and medium businesses alike. These consultation services are not the same as enforcement checks and cannot result in penalties against your business. You can receive free advice on workplace hazards, general safety OSHA standards, compliance requirements, and prevention programs for safety, illness, and injury.Continued Learning: OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention ProgramsFor your contractor safety program, you will also need to implement OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Programs. These programs are utilized to reduce the number of workplace injuries. If you want to avoid the financial burdens and liability cases, these programs must be used.These are the bottom line basics that should be researched when creating an OSHA recommended contractor safety plan. We will provide more information as needed in order to encourage safety protocol for the good of your business.

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