Workplace Safety Programs on How to Use Personal Safety Equipment Can Reduce Accidents

Posted on: October 26, 2014

Safety GuyWe recommend that businesses implement workplace safety programs that include training on how to use personal safety equipment. This will help to reduce workplace accidents, keep your employees safe, and reduce your insurance liability. We can put this together for you so that your program is compliant with OSHA.In the meantime here are some tips you need to know about personal safety equipment and how your employees should use them.GlovesWear the right type of gloves. There is no set OSHA standard for which type of gloves should be worn as protective gear. Instead, the guidelines indicate that employees simply need to wear the right type of gloves for the job. The types of gloves that work in the construction industry are not the same type of gloves that should be worn when dealing with chemicals. OSHA publishes a chemical resistance selection chart for protective gloves so you can reference this when determining which gloves your employees should wear. List the specific gloves you want employees to wear in your safety programs manual.Eye ProtectionEye protection needs to be worn, and the requirements for a shipyard can be found in OSHA section 1915.153, at 1910.133 for general workplaces and 1926.102 for construction sites. Eye protection needs to serve as the primary impact protection at job sites where there is a risk of dirt or debris flying into the eyes. Make sure that your employees are wearing it as part of your safety guidelines, even if they are wearing additional safety gear like a helmet or face shield.Hard HatsHard hats are necessary for a variety of industries. If your employees are required to wear a hard had, make sure that your workplace safety programs include instructions for how to wear it effectively. For example, many people try to wear a baseball hat under their hard hat. This is not an appropriate way to wear it and can cause the hard hat to not work like it should upon impact. Additionally, hard hats need to be replaced after a period of time. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for how frequently they should be replaced and include that information in your safety manual so that employees can wear a hat that keeps them safe instead of one that won’t do the job. Additionally, it isn’t safe to paint your hard hat as the chemical interactions can weaken it.These are only some of the things your employees need to know in order to stay safe. Your workplace safety programs need to include a written manual that answers all of these types of questions along with in-person training sessions and on the job spot training that is conducted by managers identifying ways to keep employees safe. Information needs to be updated and shared on a regular basis in order to ensure that employees are refreshed on what they need to know in order to stay safe and that you are not promoting any outdated practices. For help, give us a call.

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