Aerial Lift Training Requirements for Certification

Posted on: February 14, 2019

aerial lift training Bakersfield, CA

Wondering about the process required for aerial lift training certification? Good idea. If you are someone who is interested in learning how to operate an aerial lift, whether it is for temporary reasons or because you are interested in having a long-term career in this niche, it is essential for you to receive the proper training. It is the responsibility of the employer to take the correct measures for ensuring all of their employees are properly trained when they want or need to use an aerial lift. According to OSHA, the major causes of fatalities when aerial lifts are used include falls, electrocutions, collapses and tip-overs.

What are aerial lifts?

An aerial lift is a term used to describe vehicles that include aerial platforms, like bucket trucks and cherry pickers. An aerial lift is necessary for workers who need to gain access to platforms that are not easily reachable, and since these platforms tend to be very high up in the air, safety is a top priority. One of the more common uses of aerial lifts people might be a little more familiar with is for utility workers, who often need to access utility lines for both repair and updating.

OSHA safety requirements for certification

OSHA has instituted a number of requirements that all employers must follow in order to ensure that their employees are always using safe practices. Only when an employee undergoes and passes the training requirements, which are divided into three different sections, will they be able to become certified. The first part of the certification process includes online or classroom training, which teaches employees everything they need to know about safety. The second part of the certification process is field training. This is the time for employees to take what they learned online or in class and apply it to real-world situations. The third part of the certification process requires the employee to be evaluated and requires a trainer to assess whether or not they fully understand the requirements necessary to safely operate an aerial lift.

Aerial lift training

What training includes

Training requirements include but are not limited to how to operate the lift correctly, how to properly use personal protection equipment, how to deal with any hazards that may arise and learning about fall protection.

Why training is necessary

Training is essential for those who operate aerial lifts, as the potential for accidents to happen is high. Proper training also helps to promote a safer workplace and provides more opportunities for employees to work in their chosen field for many years to come.

Ready to get certified?

Ready to receive your certification for aerial lift training? When you are certified to operate aerial lifts, you get to not only feel confident in your ability to safely operate an aerial lift, you are also opening yourself up to many more career opportunities.

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